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Let us introduce ourselves

BIG CROCO is a small Belgium-based game building company focusing on gameplay.

Our mission statement is:

"If gaming is fun than developing games is developing fun"

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Save the green guy in this blocky endless zombie run!

How many green guys can you save? Which hero do you choose to play? Should you shoot the zombies?
Compete against friends! Share your friendsID and keep an eye on each other's top score.
Are you your friend's superhero?
This game is the successor to our Facebook game Save the green guy. You can still play it here!

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3 games in 1 package!

Choose one of three games and complete them within 5 minutes.

Another Sudoku?

Yes, but with Fruits. It will surprise you how different it is.
Get 9 different kinds of fruit in a row (vertically & horizontally) and in a 3x3 square. In the bar at the bottom of the screen click your choice of fruit and place it at the desired spot.
To empty a spot just re-click it.

The Memo in Memory?

Look at the fruits in the playing field and remember where they are before they disappear. Now find the fruits behind the spheres in the order as shown in the bar below.

Rows or Slots?

Based on a slots machine but blended to a puzzle. In the middle you see a series of 3 fruits, place these in any of the four slots. To score points match 3 fruits diagonally and/or horizontally.
When you get a row of 3 the slot will be cleared, if not it gets stuck. You can play on until the the last slot gets stuck.

Why is it called Brain Fruits? Fruit is good and you need your brains in top condition right? Brain Fruits is the juice for your brain. Puzzle your way with Rows and Sudoku or train your memory with Memo.